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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

Post your non-O scale stuff here!

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Here are some photos of the garden Railway at our club where I have set up O scale and O Gauge loops of track. We normally have the base of coarse gravel and then where the track is going lay down weed cloth and on top of this use fine gravel that we have sifted to a small rock size. The weed cloth keeps it from washing through to the coarse rock below.  We also in locations use the fake turf with fine gravel on top. This has worked well and keeps the track level and floating to expand shrink in the hot sun or cold. Can sift your own gravel or consider looking to see what you can find to purchase. There is also garden railway ballast in bags that you can purchase.

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I'm starting a small garden railroad with LGB track and would like your opinions on what to use for roadbed.  Thanks, Bob

The G&O garden railroad uses granite fines (crushed granite) with LGB track.  Nearly all the garden railroads that I have seen use it.  It works like real ballast.

Granite fines is available at nearly all rock supply stores.  Use the medium grade.  NH Joe

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I agree with crushed granite fines or crushed driveway stone fines. (not sure if they are the same thing) I think it is rated 1/4 minus, meaning screened to be 1/4" or less.

I found that the crushed stone locks together creating a more stable roadbed than when using round stone or gravel.  

After laying the crushed stone I would water it in a few times to wash down the dust. Helps to keep it off the tracks.


Agreed... rounds stone (pea gravel) is just asking for trouble. Also, depending on your climate and any frost-heaves that might occur, you might be better off letting your track "float" unsecured to anything on top of gravel instead of firmly screwing down to something which might buckle due to the temperature swings (which would then cause havoc with your track).

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