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Yes I just received this. 

Dear Subscriber,


For more than 35 years, Garden Railways has been the leading magazine devoted to the hobby of outdoor model railroading. While we remain committed to serving garden railroaders, we regret to announce that we are discontinuing publication of Garden Railways magazine. Fall 2020 will be the final issue. However, the Garden Railways brand will live on in the pages of Model Railroader and online, where our dedicated audience of garden railroaders will continue to find seasonal news, tips and advice from the world’s greatest model railroading experts.

As a subscriber to Garden Railways, you may have one or more issues of your subscription remaining. You will receive Model Railroader magazine for the remainder of your subscription, starting with the November issue. If you’re already a Model Railroader magazine subscriber, your current Model Railroader subscription will be extended for as many issues remaining on your Garden Railways subscription.


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As we older people know so well, nothing lasts forever.  In radio control and airplane modeling, Flying Models, Model Builder, Radio Control Modeler have all disappeared. Probably due to decreased participation and the advent of the internet for both information and shopping.  I suspect large scale railroading suffered from these issues too, particularly when LGB went missing for a while.

VERY sad to see the magazine go. I have been a faithful reader for most or all of those 35 years. and still consider Large Scale trains and garden railroading to be one of my favorite areas of the hobby. I still get requests from time-to-time for my Getting Started in Garden Railroading book, which I wrote and published years ago. Marc Horowitz did a fine job with the magazine, and when he left the helm, so, too, did a lot of the inspiration that kept the publication vibrant, interesting, and up-to-date. My hope is that someone in the hobby publishing field--White River Productions, for example--will see the continuing need for a magazine devoted to that distinctive aspect of model railroading. I do firmly believe there is a viable market for a print publication devoted to Large Scale railroading, including both indoor and outdoor operations.

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So...did I understand this correctly...?  Garden Railroading subscribers will have to finish out their subscription with a magazine devoted to HO (for the most part)...?  How does that work?  I think it may have been better to either refund their money OR continue as an online publication with the ability for folks to print the remaining editions....  In any case, this is sad news because ANYTIME one of our hobby related magazines goes away, it leaves an empty space in a lot of different ways for both readers and those that offer the products....

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Personally, I would not be offended if I lost a little bit of my subscription.

It is far more important that we are gradually losing our magazines of choice for our hobbies. RMC (Radio Controlled Modeler) magazine was a great publication for most of my RC aircraft days. Sadly it is gone, and in its place is a much smaller ad magazine.

Long live OGR and other survivors.

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Model Railroader has and had occasional large scale articles and reviews before Garden Railway was bought by Kalmbach, so I assume some similar content will still be present in the new version. MR has always covered HO, N and even occasionally O or O-3 rail, although mainly HO and N.  Will just have to see how they handle large scale article submissions, assuming they get any.  Be interested to see where the advertising from the primary large scale product manufacturers goes, if anywhere.

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The original owner (Marc) and publisher sold to Kalmback. Part of the deal was he would stay on as editor. A few years ago he was told he was no longer needed and they were going to do the magazine in house. He was "totally blind-sided". They said Kalmback needed to improve the bottom line. There more to this story but I should stop here. Don

Those that still want a Garden Railroad Mag fix, there are UK issues of  Garden Rail

They claim:

A monthly magazine for outdoor scales.

Aimed at established ‘converts’ to the hobby, as well as those yet to desert their indoor layout and discover the real potential of large-scale modelling in an outdoor setting.

But their web link is broken ?

The most recent issue I have is July 2020.





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I hope that Classic Toy Trains doesn’t follow them. I happily subscribe to both CTT and OGR, and they complement each other nicely. But CTT has been shrinking noticeably in recent years with fewer and fewer advertisers and consequent subscription price increases.  Obviously, there is a shakeout occurring in the hobby mag business right now.

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