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I just took delivery of the Lionel Gateman accessory, new in the box from the Lionel store.  Item # 681083'

I purchased the activation track from Trainworld, sku 81317, the manual says that is the correct package (page 4)

My layout is humble just 4x8 oval, but its the space I have to work with and I think it looks pretty good, after a year of work.

I can't for the life of me get the gateman to work on automatic.

My layout is powered by 2 units that come in the sets.  I have several.

The shack is lit up, and the light on the lock is red, noting the track is charged. 

I have the 2 short tracks at each end of the lock on fast track, making sure the rails with the 2 slits are on the same same outside rail, but when my train passes by nothing happens. 

If pressed manually he will pop out.

What else do I need to check?  Is my problem the power source?  I think the wall thing is 35 watts is but I have 2 in the line does that make 70? Or does it not work like that?  I'm a old guy (65) but new at this hobby.

When I bought this I did not anticipate any problems just plug in a play yes?  I worked on this all afternoon, and now my head hurts, someone pass me a beer.

Thanks for any help.

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