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The MTH Digital Command System (DCS)  has been an industry standard for over fifteen years now. DCS expert, and author of the book The DCS Companion, Barry Broskowitz joins me on this episode to discuss getting the best results out of the DCS system on your O gauge layout. If you are planning a layout, or would like to integrate DCS into an existing layout, this show is for you.

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I just finished listening to the latest Notch 6 podcast with Barry Broskowitz.

This reminded me of a DCS problem that I had put on the back burner.   I have the North Shore Electroliner set and I wanted to program the station stops.  The included manual only directs how to use this feature in conventional operation.  So how do you do it under DCS?  Hmm, no mention in the manual.  

I was about to post the question, but I knew what was going to happen.  Barry was going to take the time to answer it by pasting in a section from his book and sign it with his bi-line "This and a whole lot more is all in The DCS Companion 3rd Edition"

Really, was I going to be another guy that owns the DCS Companion, but fails to use it?  A quick look through the table of contents and I found the answer.  

So, thanks Barry for all your hard work.   


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