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Does anyone know the current draw for the new GGD Amtrak cars? I've begun investigating a situation I discovered this afternoon...

I parked a six car train consisting of 2 Amfleet , 2 Viewliners, 1 GGD great dome, and an Atlas baggage in a passing siding. When I activated a GGD GP7 pulling eight boxcars in the same power block the loco started up normally. When the GP7 started to pull it tripped the breaker on the 180 watt brick.

Is it likely that the GGD cars are pulling enough power to leave little available power for another train?


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While I do not have the answer, I can say I have not experienced any such problems.  Operating conventionally with an MTH Z-4000 I had 10 GGD Amfleet cars on the same rails along with 6 other various passenger cars and 1 Lionel F40PH powering the operating consist of 9 cars with the rest of the cars in the siding on the same live rails.   No issues thus far.   

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