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Until I move the current part numbers to OLD part numbers for Amfleet / Viewliners, we will record new reservations as Stand-By and transfer them all at one time to a 2nd Run. This takes time as things are still in flux with stand-by orders that we are in the process of filling. A couple weeks and we can do this with confidence.

I'll let the experts discuss / comment on further offerings.

@sdmann posted:

Transition cars are Superliner IIs, we are doing Superliner Is this round. IIs in the future.

Sound reasonable?

Regarding Dummy Diesels, we will never do them as they cost almost as much to make and very hard to sell if left over. FL9s taught us a big lesson.

Regarding DCS: If an MTH Licensed Repair / Dealer wants to offer some of these post production, converted to DCS, that would be the way to get that done. There are few dealers that are interested in doing that.

Regarding Further Schemes: We consider them when we see enough orders in general. E-60s showed promise on the forum regarding  enthusiasm, but only resulted in 60 reservation after 1 year on the reservation page. Amtrak (Matt) said, if your not going to make it, take it down, so we did.

Nice to get a bit more clarification on the E-60's. I actually didn't realize that the reservations were up for a year, so I understand why they got canned; hopefully the project can be started up again in the future.

Even though I have a bunch of dummies in my train collection (being a traditional-sized collector, they come naturally ), I actually like that you guys just make powered units and that's that. IMHO I wish that any sets of diesels can come with all powered locomotives, at least as an option. I want my locomotives to actually help in pulling stuff, and not just get dragged around for appearance purposes only. And this isn't a jab at anyone that wants dummies, just putting in my $.02. Also Scott, do your locomotives still have the switch on the bottom that allows you to change the direction in which the locomotive goes when you start it up on conventional control?

And with all that out of the way, I actually did not expect to see more Amtrak stuff being up for reservation so soon, at least not until next year. I'm honestly very shocked, and also afraid for my finances, haha. I'm also glad to hear you sold out of the Amfleets too

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