Cross post from 3 rail forum.  (IDK if 2 rail ppl look at the 3 rail column too)

I'm gonna try something new, at Least for me.  We'll see how it goes, or if I get yelled at or what.

I just made a deal for a lot of the Golden Gate 22" high full scale coaling towers.   Retail was 259.95.   They are on our website for 229.95

For OGR forum readers, I can do a price of 189.95 + ship for the black ones,  and 199.95 + ship for the brown ones.  (shipping is about 35 $ , as the boxes are huge)

Just to make it as simple as possible....If you'd like to do this....Just purchase and I'll refund the "instant savings"  right after purchase.  TYPE OGR FORUM in the remarks section on the order.  Or if that's too much trouble, U can email me and I'll send u a paypal invoice.

Here's the links for the coaling towers..






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