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rex desilets posted:

Terrific news--that I didn't need. Still digesting the cost of the B&O Cincinattian set, my allowance for 2016.

Oh, well.

Rex,  Good news. What that really means is early 2017 - the start of a new budget. I was surprised by how many inquiries Jonathan Peiffer and I had about both the Meteor train and extra cars at TCA  York last week.  Some PRR modelers were unaware that the extra coaches and 10 and 6 sleepers  are available correctly lettered Pennsylvania. One person even commented about RF&P coaches but that probably won't be done unless Scott gets some inquiries.

Bob D - I am happy that this has come to fruition. Thank you for your efforts on the project.

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rheil posted:
Bob Delbridge posted:

Maybe the individual cars could be made with loose letter/name/number boards, having all 3 RRs boards in the box so the buyer could determine which cars he wanted to apply???

Bob - great idea but I can hear the complaints now. Added cost and too difficult to glue the letterboards to the cars.

It's always that way, isn't it?

Bob D and Rex,

Just returned from a walk which usually gives me incentive to resolve issues. After considerable thought, I believe the best solution will be for Scott to offer RF&P cars. Although providing letter boards and car name/number boards for all three roads with the cars seems to be the most logical solution my experience tells me it won't work from a business standpoint for Scott.

I will suggest that Scott offer RF&P cars for those that want them.

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