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Dj'sOgaugetrains posted:
Bob Delbridge posted:

I'm getting the 6-car set plus one of the RF&P coaches.  I hope I can expand my layout  to the entire upstairs so I can run this thing if not, it'll be put on display (if I can get along enough shelf).

I know the drawings indicated 52-seats, just want to make sure the correct info gets out to everyone.

Cool! I hope you can make enough room to run it. 

You have any photos of your layout? 

A few, I really need to concentrate on detailing and scenery, something I hate to do cause I have ZERO artistic ability.  Here's a diagram of the track plan:


The main loop is in a 12x12 space and the section south of the Wye is maybe 10' long (stairs are where the 88" measurement is shown).

There's yet another space south of the turntable that's probably 12x12 or longer, but it contains my workbench and a load of stuff that belonged to my wife (passed in 2014) that I need to pack up into smaller boxes.

Any new plan would only be an extension of the mainline, running around the perimeter of the upstairs.  Once I get it cleaned out I may get someone to come in and redo the sheetrock, plaster, and carpet, but I'd have to dis-mantle the layout for that to happen.

It could use it, this was done in pieces and shows it.


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Hi Bob

According to this post the SM set is still scheduled for production??  Spoke to GGD today and they said not enough orders.  Can you say where we stand?  I did speak to Scott (via email) in late 2016 and he indicated the SM set was a go.

Best regards


Tommy, last I heard it was scheduled for this year, 2017, and that they had enough orders.  Scott, or Bob Heil will have to step in and explain.

Thank you Bob for the quick reply.  I had preordered with Scott last year and was told today by his office person (via phone) that the Silver Meteor is not available.  I hope I misunderstood.  I'll try to email Scott or Bob Heil tomorrow.

Best regards


Tommy, "Not Available" could mean a number of things, I'm thinking it's nothing more than actual production hasn't been started yet.  I had a couple of emails to/from BobH a few days ago and he said it was still on track to be done this year.

Still, I'd like to see an update from Scott M.


Hi Guys

As per suggested above, I should contact Scott M.  I did this on Thursday AM.  He replied promptly.  He stated that the Silver Meteor and cars have not been cancelled.  He also stated "there is confusion at the front desk".  He also mentioned a timetable for the shipping date.  Looks like a tentative date of early 2018.

OMG I hope I live that long.  Thanks to all of you that responded to my reply, I appreciate that.

Best regards

Tommy Thompson

When it will be made is a combination of sufficient SM reservations combined with other compatible trains/cars to together meet the minimum.   Not even close right now.

Please go back to page 1 and read the first couple of posts.

The last I heard, which was only a week or so ago from Bob Heil ( feel better soon Bob!) was in line with those first few posts.

From Scott Mann's January 2017 Update (recieved this morning 1/9)

"GGD Silver Meteor Design to begin this quarter. Production in late 2017 planned. It's a GO!!!"


Here's the entire paragraph that Jan's speaking of:

A Quick Update of Projects:
- SP S-12 0-6-0 Models Arrive this week. Order Yours now, only a few left]( We posted a new video of a test run at the factory. Come see.
- Announcing SP Hospital Car Paint Schemes. Click HERE.
- Sierra #38 Production is a GO!!!
- T&P 2-10-4 Production is a GO!!!
- E8/E9 Reservations are now full and closed. Any further reservations must be on stand-by. These are entering production now. We expect them in April.
- GGD 12-1 / 8-1-2 Sleepers will arrive in early February. Some roads are fully reserved, others not. See our web site for details.
- GGD O Scale Harriman Car Entering Production. Also, reservations closing soon.
- GGD GN Empire Builder and Great Dome Project Design is Done. We are planning production in 3rd Quarter of 2017.
- GGD Silver Meteor Design to begin this quarter. Production in late 2017 planned. It's a GO!!!

I'll be glad to see the Meteor.  Hope we get an opportunity to see the progress and make comments (they still need to fix the ad to read 52-seat coach vice 60-seat coach).

That Sun-Lounge car is going to be beautiful!!!

VistaDomeScott posted:

 Wonder if GGD could sell a few of these in Amtrak paint?  Perhaps some individual cars?

The data I provided has numbers for the Amtrak cars (as well as SCL), so yes it could be done.

Anyone wanting these in Amtrak should let GGD know.

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I've asked Scott about this.  Let me ask again.  It would take probably about 10 set orders to get it done, but I'm only guessing at this point.


what he said. Unskirted, narrow diaphragms and no obs. car.

Id buy some cars, or some kind of "set" that had, say a sleeper, the sun lounge and some coaches. 

They were de-skirted by Seaboard. Amtrak cars wouldnt have skirts. 

Since Scott has previously suggested the PRR coaches wont have skirts, then those cars could be used for a basis of Amtrak coaches. 


If everyone is looking for a set of unskirted cars then it's not likely that this set will be offered in Amtrak for the amount of orders that would be received.  Just too much cost for such a low number of likely orders. 

SCL Budd observations did run in the early day of Amtrak.  The appeal to me of this set is that it's a way to get a small set of cars to fill in the gaps in my current Amtrak set such as the crew dorm and some variety on coaches and sleepers to balance my mostly PS smooth side fleet of GGD Amtrak cars.

Perhaps the alternative would be to request a set of cars from the Sunset Limited in Amtrak sans the RPO as they are all non-skirted cars and went into Amtrak Service.

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