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That car was side swiped by something.. see the scuffs to the left of the doors on the red stripes.  Likely rubbed by some ground equipment when servicing.

Is it possible that it could have happened while being washed?  Way back in the 1980's the Chief got washed by a forklift fitted with a scrubbing brush during the 20-minute Albuquerque service stop.  Not sure if they do that anymore as it's been well over 30 years since I rode that train. 

@GG1 4877 posted:

Interesting to see how quickly the paint has faded on the Viewliner striping.  These cars have only been in service for about 4 years.  Which train is this, the Zephyr or the Chief?  Interesting to see two full baggage cars.  Thinking I should have ordered another one now!


All these photos were taken on Saturday, June 29, at the Amtrak station in Galesburg, IL.

Baggage Car, 61027 was on the westbound, California Zephyr.

Baggage Cars, 61013 & 61038, were on the westbound, Southwest Chief. This train was unusually long with 3, GE, P42 locomotives, up-front, many sleeper cars and 2, Superliner, Sightseer Lounges, one mid-train, and another at the tail end.

Galesburg holds a carnival, on the last weekend of every June, and with BNSF being the main employer, involving the former Burlington Northern classification / hump yard, they are heavily involved, giving tours, even inside their maintenance facility and hump tower, along with static displays, with locomotives, sometimes freight cars and Maintenance-Of-Way equipment at the Amtrak station. I have photos of myself and my daughter, in front of a BNSF locomotive from when she was 9 months old to now, 11 years, except for 2 of the last 12 years.

These are just my opinion,

Naveen Rajan



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Can we try and put together a list of all of the roadnumbers associated with each type and phase? I'll start with the information that I have based on what I purchased and what I know a friend got. Feel free to share what car you got and your associated roadnum and I'll update the tables as we go.

* I haven't seen the box end for the amfleets yet, so I don't know how many were made of each possible type.

Some further details for your reference table

Also a box shot end for you


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Sleeper Phase VI, Name 4 - 62522 Trout River

Sleeper Phase VI, Name 2 - Roanoke River 62507

Sleeper Phase III, Name 2 - Raritan River 62504

Sleeper Phase III, Name 1 - Schuykill River 62516

Baggage Phase III, Name 2 - 61004

Baggage Phase III, Name 4 - 61069

Baggage Phase VI, Name 3 - Viewliner 61018

Baggage Phase VI, Name 2 - Viewliner 61009

Bag/Dorm Phase III, Name 1 - Bag Dorm 69008

Bag/Dorm Phase VI, Name 1 - Viewliner 69001

Diner Phase VI, Name 3 - Richmond 62022

Diner Phase III, Name 1 - Albany 6800


Coach Phase VI Extra 6 - 82602

Cafe Phase VI Extra 3 - 48195

Set 1, Phase VI - Coach 2 82759, Coach 82516, Cafe 48140, Dinette 41819,  Club 48154


Sleeper Phase VI Extra 4 - 32035

Coach Phase VI Extra 7 - 34084

Set 1, Phase VI - Coach/Bag 31004, Coach 34010, Diner 38006, Sleeper 32004, Sightseer lounge 33004

Here are a few more additions:
Amfleet I - Phase VI (1st Run)
Cafe - Extra 2 #48195
Coach - Extra 6 #82602
Coach - Extra 2 #82647
Amfleet I - Phase VI (2nd Run)
Coach - Extra 1 #82695
Coach - Extra 2 #82793
Coach - Extra 4 #82503
Coach - Extra 5 #82724
Viewliner II - Phase III (1st Run)
Diner - Name 3 #68012 "Harrisburg"
Sleeper - Name #62523 "Wabash River"
Superliner I - Phase VI (1st Run)
Sleeper - Extra 4 #32035

Well against any semblance of good financial judgement, after getting my Superliners and Viewliners, I asked Scott to put me on the standby list for Amfleet coaches in case the Amfleet IIs never come to fruition. Four cars came available so I bit the bullet and bought them. I now have complete and mostly accurate consists for east coast and west coast long distance trains. Overall the Amfleet coaches are just as nice as the rest of the run, my only real comment on them is that I was a little disappointed with some of the underbody detail. Whereas the Viewliner underbodies have etched brass parts, the Amfleets are all molded plastic and the compressor is a little crude in my opinion. Still hoping for Amfleet IIs and Superliner IIs one day, but for now I'm very happy to be able to run modern versions of the California Zephyr and the Crescent! Thanks again to Scott, Jonathan, and everyone else involved for making these trains happen!



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I know I promised a rundown of car names and / or numbers.  I forgot how many there were!  On Amfleets alone there are 6 numbers each for both food service cars and coaches and they are different for each phase.  If I can do math that's 60 numbers alone on the Amfleet cars.  Viewliners had 12 names for Phase VI sleepers as I recall and upwards of 4 to 6 numbers / names for the other cars. 

Apologies.  If I can squeeze out some time, I'll post it all this weekend.  I thought was on a spreadsheet and I think Superliners are, but I did the Amfleets and Viewliners by hand on paper.  Sometimes old school just works better for me until I need to recall it all later and I can't find the paper.

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