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I have a new Gilbert AF set where the lower portion of the reverse unit is not seated properly into the pins.  See photo on one that is correctly seated.   It looks as if I can just squeeze it together tightly but DO NOT want to attempt unless others here seem to think that is ok.  If something cracks when I do this it would have been best to leave alone.   Do these pieces freely squeeze together?  Or will the plastic have shrunk over time making it crack.  Any advice?



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If your e unit is operating properly or not just put the engine on the track and take off......most 2 step e units are like this..................................if your e unit is not operating properly its not because of this ,,,,,,,,,it needs cleaning and contact point polished.............

Yeah but the one I have is spread apart at those posts.  I am curious if they are glued together or freely pull apart...before I go squeezing it back together. 

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