Hi Guys, I recently purchased Glenn Snyder shelves.  At the time of my purchase I didnt realize that I will need some of the pieces cut to a specific length.  Has anybody tried cutting these shelves on their own?  Any success and how?  Thanks Guys.
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Jig saw with a metal blade and a steady hand Will do the job.

It will cut easily, just make sure you use a sharp blade. It will make it easier to cut a straight line. Dull blades tend to wander. Use a square and mark or scribe the line first.



As Mark suggests, it worked for me. Power mitre with a new combo blade.  Great shelving. I have over 100 linear feet of the shelving and will be getting more. It's a terrific product.  Good luck.



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I went to a local metalworking shop and had them do it on an industrial saw. The cuts were dead square and a little bit rough. I cleaned them up with a file and the result was perfect. I can't remember what it cost me but it wasn't outrageous and it was well worth it. 


I have quite a bit of the Glen Snyder shelving and have enjoyed seeing my train collection upon it.


Now however, I'm in the process of selling my collection and have more and more empty shelving.  If anyone is looking for a deal on what I continue to empty, drop me an email.

If you remember, have Glenn Snyder, cut them when you place your order.

Some of my Glenn Snyder, cut at the factory.

8 feet long, 6 footer and a 2 footer, with end caps.


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Glenn Snyder Shelfing Over Work Bench 2


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