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I will have very few plastic buildings and accessories on my layout, but I will always set them on a square of foam trackbed, instead of directly on the plywood.

I know how to glue the trackbed to the plywood, but does anybody know what glue I should use to glue the buildings down on the foam bed?      I don't think that diluted white glue is going to stick to the plastic very well.   A very thin stream of clear caulk may work, but the way caulk tubes are, getting a thin stream to come out is nearly impossible (because the caulk is too thick to travel through a small hole.)

Thanks for any advice.


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If the buildings don’t have a base and are pretty much hollow. I agree with Seth as to not gluing down the building. I would carve out a thin piece of foam that fits snuggly inside the building and glue that to the foam. Then just set the building onto that. If you decide at some point to replace it or move it it’s a simple process with a rasp to shave it back down.

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You could glue, with a drop of Elmer white wood glue, four small 1/2 inch square blocks of wood to the foam, one in each inside corner of each building to hold them in place and be removable.

Or you could use small pieces of double sided tape from Walmart's.

I am with others in not gluing them down as you may want to remove them to change lights or change location in the future.


Thanks Guys!

I need to glue down the buildings, though not super strongly, because I when I am working on things on the layout up close, I have a tendency to knock buildings over by lightly brushing them, and since mine are going to be full of wire work and connections, this could cause other problems.

I like the idea of cutting a piece of foam to fit into the bottom, but then I would have issues of punching wire holes in those and in the bedding and wood below.

I think therefore, I'll try using just a few drops of Quick Grip.  The reason that I mount my buildings on foam is so that I can, if needed, pull them up off of the foam, hopefully tearing off a little bit of foam and not the wall of the building. :-)


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