Some more progress has been made – the frame made it through a 72“ curve. I hope to stabilize the ride a bit more by increasing the spring loads of the first and last axle a bit. I replaced all the original journal springs with freight car truck springs that are much softer.





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unbelievable what I see here what a work, real craftsmanship. Are you go completely to Proto 48? and do you have a layout. That 9000 is a lot of work are you go to super it or is it only the wheels. Pretty awesome that is you are a very very good builder nice to see this...

Thanks, Ed! Kind words from a master! Yes, I go full p:48, it's quite a difference once you get more used to it. At first I thought what do I need that for. But now I'm quite happy with the new look of the rail sitting more narrow under the trains. Also do the trucks look great when they have the sleeker bolsters. My layout consists of a bench for test tracks until I get the layout room prepared. That particular locomotive will not be detailed much more since I have already weathered the boiler in a way I am very happy with. I hope to get sand lines on the brake shoes and equip the engine with smoke. Thanks again!


Very impressive. Adding the pilot and trailing trucks will introduce additional forces on the drivers. I personally fear your minimum radius operationally will need to be at least twice your test radius.

Best of luck.


That is not just a little awesum .  Who makes that smoke unit?  I guess it must interface with DCC.   Very neat.     - J J 

Impressive smoke Sarah!  Most smoke units look like someone stuck a punk (remember those) down the stack, LOL!  Yours is very realistic looking.  Now if "they" could just invent black and dark grey smoke............



Hi Sarah

I too would like to know your method of incorporating that smoke unit into your model  I would greatly appreciate it if I were included 



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