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I love Kadee couplers in general and have used them in N, HO and O, but is there really any comparison between them and San Juan products?  Outside of potential operational considerations, I would think the San Juan couplers would be superior in every aspect.

On3 is another one of those gauges I find fascinating, but at this point I'm too invested elsewhere to do anything but dabble in it.

I converted all my non San Juan/ AMS equipment to Kadee On3 couplers at On3 height.  I had all my Bachmann locos modified also with the exception of the 2-4-4-2 which could not be done.  For the 2-4-4-2, I use a transition hopper with Kadee's at one end and the Bachmann HO coupler at the other,

I found the Kadee's work better than the Evolution's - on my layout...

Picture of the transition Bachmann hopper:


Pictures of a converted car and non-converted:




Photo of 2 converted Bachmann cars coupled together:




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