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I am transferring university's in the fall and figured that I sell some stuff to help grow my college fund. My Email is in my profile.

First Up is this MTH B&O GP7P shell. $25 plus shipping. SOLD

Next is this Lionel B&O 190th anniversary boxcar. $60 plus shipping. SOLD

MTH Tank Train tank car. $35 plus shipping.GATX Tank Car

Weaver Plastic trucks (package say diecast but they are plastic) $10 Plus shipping.IMG_0780

Bowser 53 Trailer $15 Plus shipping. SOLD

4 freight cars of unknown origin without trucks. $5 plus shipping. SOLD

Weaver Western Maryland covered hopper no trucks. $15 plus shipping. SOLD

Lionel Penn salt 8,000 gallon tank car. $35 plus shipping.IMG_0784

Lionel Crossing Gates. Box is worn, I never used the gates. $50 plus shipping. SOLD

Lionel Carnival people. $20 plus shipping.people

Lionel lighted diecast bumpers. $15 plus shipping. SOLD


Images (11)
  • GP7P shell
  • B&O Boxcar
  • GATX Tank Car
  • Plastic Trucks
  • DART trailer
  • Unknown cars
  • WM weaver hopper
  • Penn Salt Tank Car
  • Crossing Gates
  • people
  • bumpers
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