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Wasn't The Train Stop owned by  Paul Kirby? I remember in the mid/late 1980s going to his shop as a kid. Paul was also active in the SoCal TCA/TTOS/MTA clubs. From memory, he was "hired" to build a layout for Frank Sinatra (or someone famous like that) during this period. Does The Train Stop still exist?

Paul passed away quite a while ago and the store closed shortly after.


Yes, my good friend, Paul Kirby built Frank Sinatra’s “O” gauge layout.  It was housed in a replica of a small town railroad station that Frank had built in the back of his large estate in Rancho Mirage, CA.  I was very fortunate to be invited out to Frank’s home on several occasions, regarding his trains.

Paul was a good guy.  He opened The Train Stop a year or two before I bought Allied Models and his advice and encouragement were quite helpful in getting me over the finish line in my transaction.  If it had not been for Paul’s success with his shop, I may have never gotten into the business.  RIP, good buddy.

I have just acquired a Gold Standard Engineering, standard gauge, GG1 locomotive, along with a string of what I believe are Glenn Toy Trains cast metal freight cars.  The pieces are in used condition, but the loco shows very little running time.  It’s a Brunswick Green 4935 model.  I will be offering it for sale, but have not yet determined a price.  Packing this monster for shipment is not at the top of my list of fun things to do, so I need to look into that before putting her officially on the market. I am located in Newport Beach, CA, should anyone local wish to take a look.

Allen Drucker

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