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the PRR classed the coaches based on the length BETWEEN the vestibules, so a P70 (70 ft coach) is 70 feet plus the vestibules which makes it a scale 80 feet or so when you at those at each end.     It is basically a "Paired window" coach, so it should be close for any road that used that type of window arrangement.

Paired window means each pair of windows has a narrow vertical post between them, and then each pair has a wider post separating them from the next pair.    A number of roads had this style, B&O comes to mind as one.

Did GGD make 6 wheeled trucked PRR coaches for their early heavyweight sets?

So far I only see the 4 wheeled trucks for PRR coaches.

GGD's PRR coaches were never offered with 6 wheel trucks.  While the original P70's of 1907 did have a built up 6 wheel truck, the GGD model is of the 1945 and later P70R which had ice bunkers for air conditioning.  Another change was the vestibule window.  The original P70s had a large single window which was later changed to the two-lite style window most commonly associated with these cars.  Later rebuilds would go back to a single gasketed window, but it was a square proportion while the original design was rectangular.

Th 2D-P5 trucks started appearing in the 1920's, but a few cars not in revenue service did last with the original 6 wheel trucks into the 50's.  Here is one such example.

To the best of my knowledge neither Sunset, GGD, nor 3rd rail has done the original P70.  My brass Sunset ones are the same design as the more recent plastic offerings. 

Interestingly enough, I have some N scale Model Power (Lima) P70s that are in the original 1907 as-delivered configuration but have the Futura font which is totally inaccurate. 

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