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I have a set of original post war aluminum presidential series pax cars.

I want to replace the 12v bulbs in them with 18v since I run command only. (180w Powerhouses directly to track via fasttrack lockon).

Is there a good source for these? It looks like I want a #1445 bulb which is 18v, 1.9w.

Many auto parts carry them but so far best I've seen is $6 for a 2 pack. I need 8. $24 no big deal, but would love to buy a bulk lot.

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Originally posted by Chuck Sartor:
Actually the first choice I would pick is a #433 bulb. These are a large dome bayonet based 18volt bulb. Like a # 57 14v bulb, but for 18v.
78 cents at the same site. Smile http://www.bulbtown.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=433
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