Goon Supply Co.

I finished a build of my first BTS Master creations kit. The Elliot & Sons Supply Kit (Which I renamed). I think it turned out pretty good. I installed LED lighting and detailed everything I could. Even the little office room. The pictures aren't the greatest, and for that I apologize. I hope everyone enjoys it.



IMG_1279IMG_1280 [2)IMG_1280IMG_1281IMG_1282IMG_1283 [2)IMG_1283IMG_1284IMG_1285 [2)IMG_1285IMG_1286IMG_1287IMG_1288IMG_1289IMG_1290IMG_1291IMG_1292IMG_1293IMG_1294IMG_1295IMG_1296IMG_1297IMG_1298IMG_1299IMG_1300IMG_1301IMG_1302 [2)IMG_1302IMG_1303

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colorado hirailer posted:

But "Goon Supply"?  Which mafia family does this business front for?

The arch villain Penguin from the classic 1960's Batman TV show:  

And before someone asks what G.O.O.N. stands for:  

  • G.O.O.N: Short for Grand Order of Occidental Nighthawks, it was a phony organization who pretended to be supporters of Batman's campaign as he ran for mayor of Gotham against Penguin. Those men were Penguin's henchmen.

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