Saw this on the bay... got a chuckle out of it...


Lionel Original Postwar 3460 Flatcar With Two Lionel Lines Vans

As Shown--For The Lionel Train Operator--Was Near Mint Once----PLEASE Read Entire Description-


I bet it was even mint in box at one time...



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Reminds me of an old W.C. Fields saying: "When you're next to me, you're next to perfect."

Arthur P. Bloom TCA 86-23906 "I love the smell of smoke pellets in the morning!"


Well he did tell the truth about his item.

Yup and cu-do's for not using RARE or Hard to find...



Rare, hard to find mint condition?



When they were passing out brains, I thought they said trains and I asked for a slow one.

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