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I recently made a rare for me, eBay purchase, a Lionel GP 20, 6-8563 Missouri Pacific diesel.  It was packed with Styrofoam peanuts and the engine was wrapped in a new red " Wanta Pizza?", Pizza shop promotional tee shirt.  I was happy it was wrapped in something to keep those Styrofoam peanuts from sticking to the paint job.

We call "a that little extra" , Lagniappe in Cajun country.  I have used that red tee shirt dozen or so times working in the yard, around the house, etc.  Many more times than I have run that GP 20 so far.


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That's what I like about this forum

There is absolutely no consensus on even the most basic, simple things.  :-)

"I'm right and you're wrong."

"No, I'm right and you're wrong."

"Oh yea, well I use to work at XYZ Corp."

"Oh yea, well I use to work at ZYX Corp."

"Oh yea, well I'm an ABC."

"Oh yea, well I'm a CBA."

"Oh yea, well,  . . . well, . .  .  .  Wait'a minute.   I'm lost."

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