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My two units arrived a day apart via UPS with the 2nd one arriving today.   They look great and excited to test them out soon!  Scott and crew did a great job and I'm thrilled to have some freight power to go with the the E units and Silver Meteors, Stars, and Palmlands etc.  


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They did turn out nice!  After all this time of looking at drawings, it is so satisfying to see a finished product. 

As for command, I believe these still have the QSI system.  I noticed the newer offerings have a different system.  I'm the outside person though.  I just deal with details and paint schemes.

@DaveJfr0 posted:

Yes, these have the QSI Titan in them, I already did a little reprogramming for their inaugural run.  It does look like newer products are moving to Loksound if I read the announcements right.

I received my four 2R SOU black tux A units last night around 8pm (signature required my ***, the UPS guy left them without a signature or even ringing my doorbell, but I thought I heard a UPS truck drive away, so I checked and there they were.)

I've already recorded video and taken a lot of photos.  I wanted to get it all up the same night I got them, but it just wasn't realistic. It just takes a lot of time to do proper editing and compose what to say, so maybe I'll have my review on my blog tomorrow or this weekend.  I think overall they came out great and it looks like the factory finally followed through on every artwork/detail adjustment I sent them.  I found a bunch of other interesting problems, that luckily and IMHO, are easily fixed. (How do you nail the rear coupler height, but screw up the front coupler height really bad?  How do you let the cab and reverse lights shine into the engine compartment extremely brightly, lol.)

I will post it when its ready, but I'd really like to see how the SOU green units turned out. I helped Scott with those too despite being out of my modeling era. Weren't too many pictures to go by, but I think I nailed them the best I could. Hopefully the factory followed through on the changes for those too.

And I commend Scott on these. I am really happy with what showed up. Hopefully soon I can supply him with a good plan on how to do several era's of Southern passenger cars at the same time and make everyone happy.

I wholeheartedly support Scott changing over to LokSound. I may or may not change my Erie F3s over to LokSound once they arrive. If the FA's, Geeps, and SW1s (hopefully announced soon) come with LokSound I will probably change the F3s over as well.

My F3s arrived in one shipment last Tuesday.  So far they have been tested only on DC and seem to be fine.  Will have the opportunity to adjust programming and run on DCC this Wednesday.  Mine are in the Southern green scheme.  Per books in my library these are valid for F3s with roof tanks.  Thanks for your research Dave.  Looks to have really paid off.




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Boilermaker, Wow, those F3’s are really beautiful and the first time I’ve ever seen that particular railroad paint scheme. Simply gorgeous, wonder what sound system is in it. Is it TMCC, or an other brand. Does it run smooth? Thank you very much for the beautiful pictures. I asked the question on which command control system do to seeing its 3 rail. Happy Railroading 

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I realize this is the 2 rail forum, but I want to mention that 3rd Rail did the correct number boards for the Pennsylvania Railroad's F3s.  This had not been done by other manufacturers other than high end brass.  I saw above that N de M's F3s also had the streamlined number boards.  It looks like I should thank the N de M folks for pushing for their F3 since there may not have been enough PRR orders to do this unique feature.



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