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Got my 313 print copy (only one I do) here on the Gulf Coast 1 - 2 weeks ago.

The Punto Margarita series/project by Beatty and Carter is one of the most enjoyable things that I have read in OGR for some time. I have often had On30/On3 fantasies, and if I had anything like their layout abilities...and if I were younger...

I'd love to bash an HO Rivarossi USRA 2-6-6-2 into a "big" On30 piece.... (I'd have to put the 3RO "modeling hammers" aside.)

Real model RR'ing there. I'm going to be sorry when it ends.

Mine arrived in the mailbox today.

Taking into account my OGR member name and the Amtrak F40PH on the cover, I guess that I have to say that Amtrak #313 (aka #5 California Zephyr) arrived late today in South Florida, as is standard operating practice for our nation's national passenger railroad.  

Kevin.....I took that picture for the cover in your honor.....


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