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I've seen this long ago with a tiny tablet/or tiny TV screen size done for O-Gauge, but never in a bigger sizing.

The "Park-In Theater" idea started in the Spring of 1933 by Richard Hollingshead in NJ. So perfect for the prewar tinplate era!! " The first theater opened July of 1933. Too late to maybe run "Frankenstein" with Boris Karloff (1932), but could show "The Ghoul" with Boris Karloff (1933).

With the newer iPad and its updated technology (no cords or batteries)-  has anyone utilized it and created this for your layouts??

My 12.5" x 9" iPad turned horizontal looks decent for a good size with O Gauge and Standard Gauge. Gets a good loud enough sound and a clear picture on full screen on You Tube.

Thinking of using it temporarily on the back part of my Halloween O & Std. layout. I can run old Blk/wht Halloween movies off youtube, or of course my youtube channel of my toy train videos (channel: Mrs. Tom T) . I have 1:24 1930-1941 autos for my standard Gauge to set in front of it. Have no 1:43/1:48 cars as yet, but will be getting some for the Upstairs O Layout soon.  

My iPad is otherwise little used, so this will be fun idea. The cover with the built-in triangle shelf is either tilted too far back or too upright and sits too deep on the layout table. So Hubby Tommy and I will come up with a better deco style framing solution.





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