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This one has me scratching my head.  My MTH Z4000 does not activate bell or horn sounds on my GP-7 diesel engine but my Lionel GW 80 activates both bell and horn.  However, tonight I discovered that the z4000 activates both bell and horn if the engine is in neutral.  When I switch to forward or reverse no sounds activate.  Push the horn or bell button, nothing.  Weird, I'm sure there is an explanation. Thoughts?  Horn and bell do activate with the MRC 601.   Hmmmmmm...

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Nothing to ponder. Each transformer you listed creates the DC offset differently using different circuits and methods which can result in differences in DC offset.

The difference between loaded- moving and not loaded- neutral was right on the threshold of detecting the DC offset voltage or difference.

According to a search at Lionel Support, and Lionel, I'm not 100% sure what exact engine you have. One search says you might have a Conventional classic that only has horn and bell

Another search came up and showed a Railsounds 3 with that road number and type as a PWC series.

If your loco is the PWC version and has Railsounds 3.0, which IMO is one of the worst series they ever made. The power board for that 3.0 set has some stricter input requirements and the amplifiers on the Railsounds 3 sound board are also not my favorite. I often transplant the sound chips to Railsounds 4.0 series boards and use a Railsounds 4 universal power board if possible when the motherboard supports that change from Railsounds 3 to Railsounds 4.0.

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Thank you, VB, for all the information and explanation. Obviously, I am new at this and have a lot to learn. The links are very helpful. I will look into this further and probably just run this engine with the transformers that activate the sound; in this case the horn and bell.  In looking at the undercarriage I have 2 switches and a volume control: snd - no snd and a run - lock switch. Thanks again.

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