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I have a GP38-2 20-2663-1 PS2 3 volt.  See video.  The Buzzing is coming from the big black relay.  I can put my fingers on it and I feel it vibrating.  So no it is not coming from the speaker.  Thoughts?

No lights or sound in conventional just the buzz 12 volts applied.  In DCS, power on and just one buzz and no engine found.

Fixable or board need replacement?




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you probably need a new or used good ps 2 3 volt board sometimes the circuits get damaged due to a track short derailment .  a smoke unit problem. i cold then test the board in a test fixture if you would like. where do you live I'm in new Jersey. if your getting that chatter noise the micro processor on the board could be bad and cannot not be repaired! because they are no longer made! sometimes some tech's still have ps 2 3volt boards or i could convert it to mth ps 3/2 diesel board. let me know if i can help!


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