The blue GP9 here is Premier, the red GP7 is Rail King. Both are PS2. I haven't seen any difference in performance, though some Premier engines may have extra sounds? The Premier has see-thru grilles and some extra little details on the shell. Honestly I don't find the differences meaningful - both run well and look good.


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SPSF posted:

Railking (SCALE) is the old Premier - so same dimensions.  New Premier has more added on details (grab irons, eyebolts etc).  Only operational differences would depend on PS1, PS2 or PS3 ~ motors are most likely the same 385 or 365 can motors.

RailKing is now a mix of traditional sized and scale engines. As you correctly noted the "Scale" RailKing are the old Premier. IMHO, the RailKing Scale are a great value.

It's interesting to me the customers that turn up their nose at RailKing - the scale items are terrific - and some models like RS3's are only made in RailKing Scale..... if you're a premier only guy - try one - you'll like it - I run a ton of them on my layout. IMG_2173IMG_2174IMG_2175IMG_2176IMG_2177IMG_2178IMG_2179IMG_2180

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The RailKing GP7 is actually a GP9 model, with steam generator roof details, and they are set up to run long-hood-forward whether or not the prototype railroad did so.  The RailKing "GP7" lacks the two vertical columns of louvers at the end of the long hood, as well as the louvers on the battery boxes under the cab that differentiate a GP7 from a GP9.  There are other differences, such as the handrail stanchions, on a GP9 versus a GP7 but they are less obvious. 

At the time the MTH Premier PS1 "GP7" came out in the early 90's, I was happy to have them.  These bodies are now used as the "RailKing Scale" geeps with PS2 or PS3 electronics.  They are good runners and a good value, if that is what you are looking for.  

The Boston & Maine Rail King GP7 I showed above runs short-hood-forward, as did the prototype.

@MrMuffin'sTrains - Steve, please ask Mike to make some new 4-axle Rail King diesels! A U30B, maybe, or he can knock off the Atlas U23B, which is kind of hard to find. Or a C424/C425, though I know those were pretty rare. Or at least make a GP35 or GP38 as an RK engine. I promise you at least a couple of orders.


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