GP7 Poor Performance Part 2

Here is a video of my GP7 with only eight cars and a dummy engine. Notice that it doesn’t move. You can hear the wheels spinning with no sign of digging in.   All axles oiled and no binding noted before test.  Any ideas how to improve this problem?


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This post made me curious since I had my new UP GP7 on a floor layout in my office, not pulling any cars. I put it on the layout and coupled it to a 14 car freight. It ran around the layout as though it was pulling nothing at all. This includes a 9" rise up a 2% grade. As a final test I backed the 14 car train up a 2.4% grade around a 60" diameter 180 degree curve. No problems at all.

It sounds to me like there is an issue with KATY409's engine.


RoyBoy - All pickups work as they should. 

BanjoFlyer - Thanks for the laugh. Reminded me my HS street racing days with my                                                                                    409 up against Dodges with 426H.   Tires on the 09 had to replaced often !

Roving Sign - yes traction tires are all there.

Roundhouse Bill. - without the dummy engine my GP7 pulls the eight cars but with some wheel slip noted when changing speeds. I would be happy with 21 cars.

                                                                                                Thanks for all replys, Art

What I have been hearing is Axles Oiled wheels spinning. Could be oil is getting on the traction tires. How about oil on the tracks from oiling the axles. I have an early Geep vertical motor spur gears on the side of the truck. The same set up as these F/C jeeps.  This jeep spins its wheels and I noticed that the traction tires are shiny or worn.  Just could be some of the tires on these new F/C jeeps are defective. I will order new traction tires for the early jeep. Never had any traction trouble with this jeep before this week.

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