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@Rod Stewart posted:

Leandro, something else I thought of. Does Brazil use 240VAC power? And if so you are using a converter to step it down to 120 VAC, correct? If so, the converter must carry the connection from the legacy power supply ground pin (the round one) through to the ground wiring in  your house, in order for the system to work properly. Check with  your local electrician if needed to make sure this is done properly.



127v - 60Hz !

Leandro have you tried running a ground plane like the video says. I mean you seem to be following one person opinion instead of the gentleman in the video who is really the guy you should be listening too. Just because some people state they have never used them or needed the does not mean you do not or could not benefit from it.

I can tell you I am in the planning stages and will put ground planes in for this reason.

NJ Hi railer use them because they have issues with only certain engines.

Rod /  Craig

Bad news! Today I went in train room and I was to do a new test and this problem back it !

I don't know that think !

I don't getting understand the real failure. Why yestardy it's good today it's not!

I'm upset now and I don't know to do !   


Believe problem is ground plane issue.  I also experienced that one day engine(s) would run fine where tracks were over/under each other in my case, another day they would show ground plane symptoms, where they stopped, I wold hold my hand over engine, it worked fine.  In video showing you ran wire along track, did engine run in that area???  If so, does not explain why it doesn’t run on isolated test track.  You should not have to touch antenna wire, just hold your hand over engine.  Move around plugs in power strip, see if it makes a difference.         I’m by no means an EXPERT on this, just making suggestions from my experiences w/ground plane issues on my layout with both steam & diesel engines of mine.  Haven’t had a problem since installing aluminum foil tape EXCEPT if I remember correctly, once I moved around plugs on my power strip to get things working.      Don’t give up, you will solve your issue.   Keep us posted..


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       Put the ground plane in.  It won't hurt anything and should improve operation of the problem engine and could avoid trouble with other engines you might acquire in the future.                                                                                                 


I have to agree with the folks recommending the ground plane. I run Legacy in S gauge. I was running a pair of diesels, Legacy U-33s, there were places on my layout where I was operating them as a consist or lash-up if you prefer, and one of the locomotives would lose the signal and the other engine would continue to pull. I did add the ground plane and that solved the problem. I did at a later date also add the signal booster designed by Dale and John for added insurance.


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Leandro, something else you might want to consider (in addition to the ground plane wiring and whatever else you decide to do), is a TMCC/Legacy Signal Booster distributed by gunrunnerjohn. They come as either a kit (requires soldering) or a completed product. Very easy to add into your current setup and greatly boosts the track signal. Just a thought.


Hola  Leandro ,

I'm seeing a lot of track on your layout.  How many track connections are soldered or crimped from your power supply with 16 gauge or larger wire ? 

I use MTH's / DCS  .  On larger layouts the recommended SOLDERED or CRIMPED connections with at least 16 GAUGE WIRE should be made EVERY 20 or 25 FEET . ..........Not sure about Lionel's system.

Is there someway with Lionel's system that you can measure the voltage , amperage and signal strength at the engine as it goes around the layout when the sound drops out ?       Does this happen at certain speeds or in the same areas most of the time .  Does it happen with the smoke unit on or off ?    Are ALL the LIGHTS on the layout LEDs ?

The Mikado losing sound is now something different. 🤔


@farmerjohn posted:

Hey guys. Just put a buffer un that you can get from gunrunner john and it should take  care of you're  problem . I have a 2600 foot layout with several levels and it cured my problems. 

I got to go along with farmerjohn, this definitely sounds like a signal problem. Ground plane and signal booster should solve these issues.

Leandro, if you don't get this fixed you may get frustrated enough to quit the hobby


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