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I have a Lionel TMCC Y6B that has been gradually losing its chuff sounds. All other sounds work, and it started losing chuffs on the corners, but chuffed on straights. Now, it has no chuffs, or only does one chuff randomly. Checked the drawbar for alignment, but wondering if there is a chuff sensor on the motor that has failed. Has anyone experienced a similar chuff loss issue with TMCC locomotives and been able to fix? Thanks!

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gunrunnerjohn posted:

Actually, it's pretty common for the chuff switch to fail only on curves, and even sometimes on curves in one direction.  My top suspect is the chuff switch.  If when the chuff is gone you can still blow the whistle, it's not the IR link, so you can stop looking there.

Is that the actual switch John or the wire part of it?

Returning to this thread, our chuffs on the Lionel TMCC Y6B completely disappeared.  But we can now see that wires have come off of a location above the second front drive wheel (see photo - white surface with 3 posts).  There is solder residue on the front 2 posts and back one is clean.

Does anyone know if this is in fact the chuff sensor, and if so, should the wires be attached to the front 2 posts.

Thank you!


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  • LionelY6Bchuff: Trying to identify white surface with 3 posts - chuff sensor?

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