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I want to detail up some turnouts from an article in Mike Cougall’s detailing track book.

In it he uses Grandt Line NBW parts 1, 83 and 93, but on the San Juan page they are only listed by their prototypical size ie, 2 1/2” etc.

Unfortunately San Juan wont respond to my emails.

Does anyone know what prototypical size number 1, 83 and 93 NBW parts are?

Thanks Daryl

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I attempted to order 20 Grandt AB brake sets from San Juan a month ago online.  Everything went well until checking out and shipping came back at $40 plus.  I thought this unreasonable given these little packs weigh almost nothing.   I was able to pick a few up on eBay, but given the excessive shipping costs, and lack of confidence in future supply, given Grandt shut down once already,  I’m working on CAD drawings of the AB, brake components so I can just 3D print them as needed.  


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