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Why do graphics I've inserted display as a placeholder after editing a post?  They were all there, and I can edit them back in again, but that's a royal PITA.  What is going on?

This is the thread:

Here's one example of what happens.  It's happened several times now.


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@gunrunnerjohn, I have fallen victim to the automated Crowdstack URL parser/shortener routine used. I've seen it affect links, images, and videos. If you were to click the "<>" button on your affected post, you would see that the URLs for the resources are incomplete. It can sometimes be a pain to get them corrected and stick...


Test image...


The above test image is linked as follows and mangled by the Crowdstack parser:[Relay%2529.png


The correct link is this:

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@gunrunnerjohn, if you look at my edited example from your thread, you will see that the URL encoding around "special" characters is not being handled properly by Crowdstack, in this case the "["  character instead of the proper URL Encoded %28 character (which interestingly enough is a "(" character). Bottom line, they have something screwy going on.

If you want to geek out on URL Encoding:

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