Does anyone have a technique for curving gray foam roadbed ?

The pieces are 3 1/2” x 72” inch 3/16 thick. On a 72 inch tubular track curves the roadbed lays pretty flat. On 54 inch curves not so much. Do you cut it to bend better/flatter? Stapling might work but thats a lot of staples. The long term plan is light ballast around the bottom of the roadbed but that might be a while.

Im holding the track down with screws into 5 inch pink board also not great. Any suggestions would be appreciated 

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If you cut  slits along the outside of the curve you'll be able to lay the foam flat.  The spacing of the slits depends on how tight you need to make the curve.


Cut it down the center into two halves. Then glue each half down along the center line of the track you're going to lay.  Most foam track bed comes pre-scribed down the center for easy separation.


If you Google "kerf" or similar you will get a bunch of ideas like Jan suggests. I have wondered about this and hope you will post pictures of your work.

Laying track with roadbed

Pictures maybe but I’ve ripped up the track 3 times today already and still looks like it was laid when drunk

I remember it being considerably easier 



Follow up 

Thanks all  for the help on gray foam roadbed  I sipe cut outer as suggested and to a lesser extent inner came out like a champ lays flat looks good 





You MUST split it to make a radius. Also, overlap the edges when you make your cuts with a razor to prevent ANY gaps between pieces.  If you want to make it look REALLY good, try this. After you glue it down, primer it with light gray. Mask the the plywood near the foam. Spray the foam with FleckStone spray paint. It looks fantastic! The primer step isn’t required, but it’s saves money. The FleckStone paint isn’t cheap. I used this method on my first 0-27 layout and it was a beauty. Sorry, I don’t have any pics on this phone. 

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