Gray Johnson Roadbed?

Originally Posted by Jaymark:

Johnson's website makes no mention of any other color than the black roadbed that's shown in the pictures.

As Jim Sutter already stated above, the grey roadbed was discontinued due to yellowing problems. All Johnson makes now is black roadbed.


Too bad, because the grey with the simulated extra ties looked better, IMHO.

Don't know why that wouldn't work - be neat to use some of that textured spray paint that's available. The only problem is that it would be tedious work taping over the "ties" for a large layout.


I'd even think about painting the entire roadbed grey, getting a stamp made at a stamp store with an imprint the size of a tie, and stamping the "ties" over the grey paint. Be a whole lot faster.

Passenger Train Collector:  It doesn't appear that you used any type of ballast on the main layout, except the somewhat larger stones on the curve in the middle of the photo.  So for the majority of the layout you did not make any additions to the Johnson roadbed?  Additional photos of the layout showing the roadbed would also be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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