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Attended the Rocky Mountain TCA show this afternoon and saw the next greatest innovation for my layout. The company is AUTOMOTION FX. The cars are under their own power and are steered by a link hooked the front axle and follows a guide wire embedded in the roadway.

I am trying to attach a couple videos, I hope I did it correctly?20200308_133431


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BTW, this show is only getting better each time. I used to do this show when I had my train store. While there is a high percentage of HO and N, there is a lot of O of all periods and some Standard Gauge and G selling there. Even if you don't buy anything the sheer amount of operating layouts will take you all day to look at.

This is indeed very cool. However, when I imagine owning this system, the fatal flaw appears to be charging the cars. After the novelty wore off, I can't imagine bothering except when a special guest was coming.

Maybe it will eventually be possible to use wireless cell-phone charging technology to allow the cars to charge automatically when parked.

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