Great Northern railway

Train show in Springfield, Ohio.

Needed a break out of the house and took the back roads to a one day train show.

Surprisingly, I didn't find anything that I 'needed'!

There were two buildings connected by a hall.

springfield 01

Don't see too many of these: the old electronic set.  Price said $775.

springfield 02

Something new that hasn't been there before;  A lot of O gauge tunnels, home made.

springfield 03

A big 6' long ore boat.  Probably should have bought it for the ore dock.

Want $250 OBO.

springfield 04

Now that's a ranch house that probably has a huge basement!

springfield 05


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New box for the PRR S-2 6-8-6.

The original box didn't come with the engine so I got a blue one from re-boxx that is very close to the original blue box from Alco models.

Comes with two plastic sheets.

PRR S-2 6-8-6 alco 13

A 'basic' engine/tender shape is easily removed.

PRR S-2 6-8-6 alco 14

And then the small 1/4" square foam pieces can be removed to fit the engine.

Each 1/4" piece has small 'nibs' holding them to each other. I used some sewing scissors to 'initially' cut the top 'nibs' and then able to remove the foam to shape the engine.

PRR S-2 6-8-6 alco 15

Found a label on the web and printed it, covered with gloss lacquer and used some spray contact cement to adhere it to the box.

This size box is $36 plus $10 for shipping (very reasonable).

PRR S-2 6-8-6 alco 16



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New arrivals>

Trainworld had these nice vehicles on sale.  I model 1938 and these are early forties but they bring back memories of when I was a kid and the milk man delivered the milk in these kind of vehicles.  Plus, on sale and got 10 for 57 bucks plus shipping; can't beat that!

vehicles 01vehicles 02vehicles 03


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Makes our HO stuff look pretty cheap!

I've read on other threads where people say the post war Lionel is dead as everyone wants the latest bells and whistles.

For about an hour I watched stouts auction of their post war auction for today and it appeared most stuff sold for more than what stouts gave the 'price range' for what the item would sell for.  Most of the bidding appeared to be via online.

Of course a lot of this stuff was with boxes and rated C7-9, many never even run:

rutland car:  

SF unopened:         


I'm impressed with Stouts: they give a very detailed description of the item and lots of pictures.  That has to take a lot of time getting all that info and taking all that stuff out of the boxes for pictures.    I've seen other auction houses where they, obviously, know nothing about trains.

Forgive me for I have sinned: twice!

Not only did I buy my first diesel, it's plastic!  The brass version is 3 grand so that was a good persuader!  

I saw a MR video review of the UP 8500 HP turbine so I decided to get one.

Definitely comes well packed:

Comes with a nice booklet with exploded views, maintenance, etc. : even instructions on how to open the plastic holders, which I needed to read!

UP 8500 HP turbine 01UP 8500 HP turbine 02UP 8500 HP turbine 03UP 8500 HP turbine 04UP 8500 HP turbine 05

There is a plastic sleeve, plus the clam shell inner plastic case holds each piece so there is absolutely no movement in transit.

UP 8500 HP turbine 06

There is a lot of detail on this 3 unit set.  Two units are powered (dummy tender) so plenty of pulling power.  Lots of doors open, plenty of connecting hoses/cables, see through walk boards, etc.

The turbine noise is loud, as was the prototype.

UP 8500 HP turbine 07UP 8500 HP turbine 08UP 8500 HP turbine 09UP 8500 HP turbine 10UP 8500 HP turbine 11UP 8500 HP turbine 12UP 8500 HP turbine 13UP 8500 HP turbine 14UP 8500 HP turbine 15UP 8500 HP turbine 16


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WOW some people would say you have gone off the deep end! I think its GREAT, more power to you and the engine setup looks wonderful. I think you are really going to enjoy it!


5/11 Battalion Oscar Battery 155 Big Guns!

Semper Fi !

Menards addiction Meeting member! /  LCCA# 41824

Like I've said in the past: the choice is yours.

I don't have cable, cell phone is minimal, don't eat out, don't like vacations, have driven 1 million miles and have only had 3 new cars (bulk of them were used), usually brought my meals to work (we'd sit on the 'square' and check out the babes while we ate) never paid for parking, no flat screen TV's, ad nauseam.

Nothing wrong with buying this stuff but, you have to make choices. 

Investing $100 per month over 30 years at a modest 5% gain gives one $84,000, $200 gives $168,000  (think about that when people pay their monthly charges on all the services). 

From the first day of work, I saved and raises went into the savings . What I had left is what I lived on: it forced me to make decisions: like painting brass engines so I could afford to buy myself some brass.  Fix my own vehicles, as well as home repair.  Putting into saving what was left after all the things I 'needed' would not have worked for me.

The house is paid off and that's a lot of extra money that can be spent on stuff.

Instead of watching TV, I'm either working on my trains, or now with summer, I'm in my shop building my airplanes.

The choice is yours!



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Great point of view! I had the same plan, then illness changed that. Our house and cars all paid for, and ready to have fun. But I guess it will just take a little longer.


5/11 Battalion Oscar Battery 155 Big Guns!

Semper Fi !

Menards addiction Meeting member! /  LCCA# 41824

Back to 'normal'

new delivery.

UP FEF-2 4-8-4 factory painted 2-tone gray with yellow stripes by Key.   Made in 1991.

All the 'bells and whistles': coast drive, front smoke box door opens, head light, detailed cab, cab doors, besides the usual sprung drivers, sprung trailing truck and  tender trucks, functional water hatches on the tender, deck plate, functional cab vent, hatches on top of boiler in front of cab, sand dome hatches, boiler cover 'stays' and see through walk boards.

UP FEF-2 4-8-4 2-tone gray, yellow stripe 01UP FEF-2 4-8-4 2-tone gray, yellow stripe 02UP FEF-2 4-8-4 2-tone gray, yellow stripe 03UP FEF-2 4-8-4 2-tone gray, yellow stripe 04UP FEF-2 4-8-4 2-tone gray, yellow stripe 05UP FEF-2 4-8-4 2-tone gray, yellow stripe 06UP FEF-2 4-8-4 2-tone gray, yellow stripe 07UP FEF-2 4-8-4 2-tone gray, yellow stripe 08UP FEF-2 4-8-4 2-tone gray, yellow stripe 09UP FEF-2 4-8-4 2-tone gray, yellow stripe 10UP FEF-2 4-8-4 2-tone gray, yellow stripe 11UP FEF-2 4-8-4 2-tone gray, yellow stripe 12UP FEF-2 4-8-4 2-tone gray, yellow stripe 13


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New arrival.

GN R-1 2-8-8-2 by Oriental Limited.

Factory painted black in 1985 but I'll be putting the glacier park scheme  to it.

Has working headlight, functional cab vent hatches, deck plate and nice cab detail.

I bought it since it was only 42% of present day prices and even cheaper that what it cost in 1985.

Compared to the Tenshodo R-2 (which are usually larger than scale), the R-1's engine and tender are shorter than the R-2's engine and tender.

GN R-1 2-8-8-2 OL FP 01GN R-1 2-8-8-2 OL FP 02GN R-1 2-8-8-2 OL FP 03GN R-1 2-8-8-2 OL FP 04GN R-1 2-8-8-2 OL FP 05GN R-1 2-8-8-2 OL FP 06GN R-1 2-8-8-2 OL FP 07GN R-1 2-8-8-2 OL FP 08


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Two new arrivals.

Milwaukee S-2 4-8-4 by Overland.

Produced in 1979.  I don't have many Overland models but this one is very nicely detailed: detailed cab, boiler jacket stays and a can motor.   GN interfaced with Milwaukee plus it's a northern!

SF 4-8-4 by United.

Made in the 60's but still has nice detail.  No cab detail but I'll add that.  Someone added a can motor as they came with open frame motors.   This goes with the other two SF engines on the roster.

Both engines have light use on them but in excellent shape. 

The SF pilot is bent back some: easy fix.



Milwaukee S-2 4-8-4 Overland 01Milwaukee S-2 4-8-4 Overland 02Milwaukee S-2 4-8-4 Overland 03Milwaukee S-2 4-8-4 Overland 04Milwaukee S-2 4-8-4 Overland 05Milwaukee S-2 4-8-4 Overland 06Milwaukee S-2 4-8-4 Overland 07SF 4-8-4 united 01SF 4-8-4 united 02SF 4-8-4 united 03SF 4-8-4 united 04SF 4-8-4 united 05SF 4-8-4 united 06




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