Great Northern railway

Signals fixed.

Replaced the flashing yellow LED in the 8 double head signals plus 3 other signals that had defective LED's.

signals LED 3 lights 03

Used a hobby drill press to drill out the old LED's starting at 1/16" bit, then 3/32" and, finally, an 1/8" bit.  Had to move the wires to one side before drilling out the LED's from the front.  

signals LED 3 lights 04

Installed two more double head signals. 

One at Glacier.

signals LED 3 lights 05

The other at Shelby; in the non sceniced area of the laundry room but still needs block control at a turnout. 

signals LED 3 lights 06

Still have two places to install signals.

The tracks leading into Seattle's yards.

signals LED 3 lights 07

A 'crossover' still needs two more double mast signals.

signals LED 3 lights 08


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