Well, since my first post about designing my first permanent layout two years ago, I think I have a final track plan.  A lot has changed in that time, including the room that the layout will be in.  Instead of a spare bedroom, I was able to procure the bonus room, so I have a 15'x'18' room to work with. The fact that my son moved in with me and needed that bedroom, made the negotiation much easier.   Will also make it much easier for us to spend time together on the build.

If your interested in the beginning of this saga, my first post is here: https://ogrforum.ogaugerr.com/...rst-permanent-layout

To recap my goals for the layout:

  1. Going for a command control (Legacy) toy layout with several operating accessories and decent scenery set in transition era
  2. Can be operated by one or two operators
  3. Operations themed with continuous running
  4. Double connected mainlines with largest curves possible
  5. Functioning yard that would not interfere with mainlines
  6. Incorporate my Dept 56 buildings in town area

My current motive power consists of a Legacy GP9, TMCC PA-1 AA, LC+ RS-3 (yard), and a MPC era SD-18 AA soon to be upgraded to TMCC

Layout power primarily from a ZW-L. I also have a 275 watt ZW, CW-80, and 4044 transformers available for lighting, etc.

All rolling stock is traditional.  I don't have an interest in running scale equipment in this space.  Largest equipment is a set of MTH Premier 18" passenger cars. 

With that said, I managed to have both mainlines with O72 minimum. Passenger train siding, and arrival track are all O60 minimum so I can accommodate O54 minimum steam locomotives in the future.  Layout will be built using Fastrack. 

While I think I have a final plan, I welcome ideas for improvement. Town and control panel are just rough ideas at this point. I'm thinking a sliding drawer for the control panel just to keep the walk around open when the layout is not in use. Aisle way bridge will be hinged and back corners are open for access hatches.

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Very nice. I always tend to like a reverse loop somewhere, maybe where the red coal loader (?) is connected to the spur off the yard lead. 


Interesting how life can throw curves at layout plans. Negotiating additional trackage/land use rights is a big plus.

One thought on the control panel is to hinge it to fold down when not needed and be in a vertical position. Sort of like a drop-leaf table section.


Arctic Railroad

Atanz - I did have one in the area you mentioned, but I couldn't figure a second reverse without using the yard ladder.  While functional, I really didn't want to fowl the yard with reverse traffic and I really don't like having to back through to reverse. I can accommodate reversing in a bit of a convoluted fashion.  The runaround by the coal loader can be used for facing point movements as designed, or just pull the whole consist back out in a reverse direction.  Freight operates in mainly a counter clockwise direction, so my passenger train will operate in a clockwise direction to give me the effect when it is running.

The more I look at it though, I may have an idea to try....

Carl - Fold down is interesting.  With the panel just having turnout throws, buttons, and a small transformer for the operating tracks, a drop down would work and allows a bit more real estate. 


Thanks for the ideas!


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