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Hey all,

I recently acquired a MTH Boxcab Locomotive. It runs great, no issues, but just recently it started making a grinding sound when running in Forward. In reverse, the sound isn't present, but in Forward it makes a grinding sound. Everything is lubricated so I can't crack the code. Any recommendations would be useful. Thank you!

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MTH Boxcab Grinding Sound
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Thanks for all your help, gents. I took it apart today, lubricated the gearbox and worm gear, still no luck. Motor is free of rubbing against anything which leads me to believe gears are meshing somewhere. Going to try and see whats going on later tonight when I have a bit more time. Thanks again! Will provide updates

With the shell off, pick up the loco and hold one truck with one hand and see if you can wiggle the motor with the other hand.  Do that to both motor/truck combinations. There should be no wiggling.

A motor that is loose will sometimes make noise in one direction, but be silent in the other direction.

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