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Good evening

Took my first crack at my ground cover today.  I used my second coat of paint over the homasote as my form of adhesion.  After letting it dry, I swept up the left over turf and wasn’t too thrilled with the adhesion, particularly where the roller seams are and other areas where I laid it on thick I thought.

For my second coat of ground cover, should I go with a 50/50 mix of Elmers glue all dabbed on with a foam brush and reapply where needed?  

Or do I pre-apply with a water/alcohol mix, lay turf and then spray with Elmers mix?

I did a test strip for both options and they seemed to turn out ok.

First layout and looking for some helpful hints for good ground cover.

Thanks in advance.



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  • 3ACA21E7-BE94-496B-831B-ACCF3B4053B7: first cover apply
  • 764C2818-1DC2-4DD6-BDEC-5C4CAFA6B719: test panel
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I usually cover with a coat of paint. Then brush over afterwards with a heavy coat of straight Elmers for the initial ground cover. When the ground covers in place. I just mist on a little water. Where I want to add more texture such as ground foam. I reapply straight Elmers over the initial coat or use tweezers and dip the ground foam or whatever your using into the glue then apply it. For adding more ground cover. I mist with a wetting agent. This will soften up the glue. Sprinkle on more ground cover. Wet it. Apply a 50 50 mix with a pipette or a fine pump sprayer. It may take a few applications to get the look you are after.

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