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I am posting this on the least followed site to avoid comment from any members.  I am only trying to reach a moderator.


With all of the humpah going on with the post deletion subject, is it possible you could provide some guidelines for your deletion of posts.  It seems to be happening fairly frequently and many members seem to be concerned.


I generally assumed it was because of the use of foul language, personally attacking members, political and or off-train subject diatibes, unfriendly use of posting to assume position in such places as the for sale forum.  But that is only my guess.  Would you clarify?


A well written set of guidelines would substantially stop the criticism and help myself and members by guiding them in what is and what is not acceptable on this forum.

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Wood, I would simply reply what Rich just said. This forum is about helping and sharing about model trains. Too often it becomes about the poster themselves whether it be their gripes, their experiences, or just plain griping. I am so glad that this forum is available to help my learning curve and make my own modeling more realistic, easier to troubleshoot problems, and to see how others do. 


I think that part of what we are seeing too is the "new" format of the forum topics. It use to be that one might only go to certain areas in which you might be interested. Now, with every recent post being popped up on the opening page in a queue, more people venture in to each one allowing more questionable posting.


As always, some people come and go on the forum. We have lost some great posters in the past who contributed a lot of their skills to the forum. None usually though to the pettiness that is sometimes shown more recently.




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