Gulliver's Gate to be evicted.

It appears the new miniature wonderland Gulliver's Gate hasn't paid their rent in months and is close to being evicted.


Please no political comments.  This is a post on the loss of a model railroad exhibit.

Bloomberg: Kushner Evicting Times Square Tenant, Endangering Loan Payments.


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I have been to both and thoroughly enjoyed both. Miniatur Wunderland is huge, has been around for quite a while and just simply has some amazing technology. Gulliver's Gate is the new kid on the block, but has some fantastic modelling. Both, in my opinion are worth the cost of admission.


If you haven't seen it, and it is still open, I would go just to see the things the artist there have created. 

I've been to Gulliver's Gate twice. I enjoyed it immensely the 1st time - incredible replication of famous architecture and landmarks around the world plus lots of moving parts including trains - and  I couldn't wait to go back and bring my spouse. The 2nd time around many of the trains and mechanical items (e.g. ships, hot air balloons) weren't operational. The regional dioramas were still impressive, but we had to ask the help to get the trains moving and they didn't get them all running at that. 

There were very few people at the exhibit both times we went and being so close to Times Square, it did make me wonder how long the exhibit would last. It has to be expensive real estate as evidenced by the $36 admission price.



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I was there about a month ago. Some impressive stuff for sure, but I was a bit disappointed because there really weren't many trains, few that were running, and the shinkansen was being pulled around by some other kind of regular non streamlined electric locomotive, which made it looks pretty pathetic.

The huge container ship going through the fully functional lock system was surprising and amazing, as was the wunderland-esque airport.  The moving automobiles, trucks, and busses were terrific.

But yes, not crowded, which is probably the problem.

I don’t think the trains are supposed to be the main attraction - there overall experience of the miniature world and the ability to have a likeness of yourself created and inserted into one of the countries. 

Its a shame, but none the less they hardly do any advertising or promoting at all. Never see any TV or internet ads, especially around holidays and times of year that bring in the tourists to NYC. 

Off on a side street in Times Square is not my idea of an ideal location. I’d love to see the Smithsonian get the exhibits. The airport alone would be a great fit in the air and space museum. 

My own little slice of happiness in 5' x 9' 

Not surprised really.  When photos were posted here it looked great but I didn't think it would make it at that location......not a place folks go for that type exhibit. 

Entertrainment Junction is just as impressive and their costs are a small fraction of NYC location. And while they are viable I doubt they are getting super rich.  

Sounds as if the Kushners are up the creek a bit on this, as now that their second major tenant has failed.  Half their rent revenue out the window between the two. Deutsche Bank could end up with the building. Either the building was over appraised or they paid too much to buy it. This forced the high rent which in turn forced high ticket prices, and caught Gulliver's Gate in the pinch. Not 'enough traffic to pay the rent. It's really not in Kushner's best interest to evict them right now, some rent is better than nothing.

I know first hand about opening an attraction in a high rent location. At least my failure didn't bring down the landlord (though I would have enjoyed that). While I can empathize with Gullier's Gate, I may yet get my wish.

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