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Since watching the movie Unstoppable, I started wanting a model of #1206. As I had finished with the motive power I wanted for my L&N (and NC&Stl) layout, I sought to obtain AWVR #1206 and some of its consist that was used to film Unstoppable. Bernie Winkler, who had repainted four of my layout locos, agreed to undertake the challenge. He sent me pics of the project in progress. This will be used for my Christmas layout.



1206 model


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Jim R. posted:

Don’t stop now. You need the red AC44W diesel to complete the scene.

I was enthralled when I saw first saw the movie years ago because it used an SD40-2 in a lead role. My favorite diesel.

I do have plans for #777 before the year is up.

But first I am adding four cars from the consist of #1206 used in the movie (a boxcar, a coil car, a covered hopper, and a open hopper).

TM Terry posted:
Eddie Marra posted:

That looks gorgeous!  Put a little Chris Pine figure in the cab, and my daughter will want it!

I'd be nice to have Will Colson standing between two cars on his cell phone and Frank Barnes in the cab.

That would be perfect!  I will say that Pine's presence in a movie has gotten my daughter to watch a train movie and Star Trek with me!

It really is a shame that someone out there hadn't done some kind of tie-in, be it a starter set or separate items.

Mikado 4501 posted:

Nice to see yours though have more detail on the trucks and pilots, and the detail of the brake wheels front and back.


My SD40-2 was a MTH and had two hideous flashing yellow lights on the cab roof. Bernie and I discussed reasonable modifications that would make #1206 look as close to the actual locomotive used in the movie. Those lights were removed and roof cleaned up.

The pics I posted don’t show the horns. I will install them here (along with the antenna). But the MTH horns were way off. Bernie had horns that were much better. He relocated the brake wheel and a few other minor modifications, I believe.

I knew right away I had to remove those strobe lights from all of mine, and did so and moved my horns to behind the dynamic brake units like the movie locomotives (with some help from gunrunnerjohn's advice) before sending them to Harry. I personally don't mind the horns themselves, and I'm not sure if Harry has any of his own he'll throw in to change.

I did advise him of the headlight in the nose of the 1206 as per the movie counterpart, though. The Weaver ones I have didn't have the benefit of the ditch lights underneath, either, like the MTH versions do, so that's something I'll have to plan out myself.

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645 posted:

Model lacks the additional side windows added for the movie plus the angled front windshield (similar to the GP30) - those kind of details are rather obvious to those who know the movie well.

Know you've passed point of no return already since the paint was already applied to the model which looks good from here!

Do you know how many #1206 were made for the movie. Every one that I found had the extra side windows, but the angled front windows don't seem to protrude as far as the number boards on one pic I found of #1206 in pursuit of #777.

The director, the late Tony Scott, and his team who worked on the trains themselves stated they had 3 or 4 1206 locomotives. One of them was a modified, unpowered version they called the "buck" model so they could do those superb 360 degree camera shots of Denzel and Chris in the cab.unstoppable2.jpg

They also had 2 777's, 2 767's, and 2 of each of the gray SD40-2's used in the middle of the movie. One of those pair were scrapped locomotives hollowed out and repainted for the derailment scene.

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Mikado 4501,

Are you familiar with the filming details of #777 destroying the trailing boxcar of #1206's consist? Was that a collision of some form of a boxcar or a computer generated event?

I am waiting for the completion of an O-scale graffiti boxcar of the 20th car of the consist of #1206 in the movie. (also three other cars to follow, a coil car and 2 hoppers)

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That scene was done using a sort of 'break away' stunt boxcar where the car was straddled in a way across the line to keep the trucks out of the way of 777 when it came through it. They added some special effects to add to the destruction. Tony Scott was extremely adamant about the movie relying on very little CG and using 90% practical, full scale effects.

GVDobler posted:

What is the story on the front porch? I read somewhere and now can't find it. In real life, the extended front "porch" was the result of putting a shorter body on a longer frame, or something. What brand SD40-2 did you start with as it appears to be correct.

Sorry, I did see you said it was an MTH.

Here is a pic that shows the "back porch"

1206 model rear enlarged


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