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This display started life as a place for my wife to put her ceramic buildings.  She has so many we can't put them all out at once.  This led to a seasonal display which includes 3 loops of trains.  There are just 4 flat 3 X 7 foot tables arranged in a circle on the bottom with another 4 X 8 foot table stacked on top wedding cake fashion.  The lowest level is 40 inches above the floor.

I use seasonal themed plastic table cloths to cover the table and then put down the track and the buildings.  I use Flyer rubber roadbed under the Flyer track to improve performance and new (Menards) tubular track for the O gage loops.  Some years at Christmas I substitute in Standard Gage and G Gage for the O Gage loops.   I have equipment to run conventional, TMCC and DCS trains on any of the 3 loops.

Under the display is a play space for my grand kids with rubber mats for flooring.  They call it the "underground city" and love playing there.  It has been in place for about 6 years and changes with the seasons.  Everything is temporary on the display and it takes about 3 days to tear down and set up the new display.  The tables stay in place during this process.


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2020. Year 11 for this layout. How could I ever have known that this would be the difference between passing out Halloween candy, and just turning off the lights and turning the children away?

This will be setup at the foot of the stairs to our front porch under a 10'x10' pop-up canopy. We will load candy into hopper cars, and deliver it to the children on the other side of the layout. Children deserve a return to normalcy.


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