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Hand Rail Stanchions... A Suitable Candidate for 3D printing?

I thought they were available for the 6-18056 Vandy Tender... but, they are not (wrong again)!

Here's the thread... with a couple of photos

How many broken O-Gauge Stanchions are there in the world????

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I have thought about this, as I really need some Fairbanks Morse stanchions and they just dont exist.  My thought would be to have them printed then cast in brass, like Shapeways can do. Or use the print to make a mold. If they were short and squat like the ones in the link above, I think you could probably do them in resin. But a diesel handrail.... I just think its going to be so thin it wouldnt survive long.

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If you look closely at Alan's rendition I think it 'probably' is closer physically to an actual stanchion.  What pops out to me is the top... most stanchion tops appear as a sphere/ball with a handrail hole through it.  Alan's top is flat all the way around and tapers around and into the handrail and stem.  Someone with better eyes and familiarity with real trains may correct me on this.

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When parts are unavailable it’s time to have some fun and make your own. I too have the18056 vandy tender with broken stanchions. I’ve replace it with a scale tender but wanted to fix the stanchions on the vandy anyway. I am using 3/32 and 1/16 brass tubing. A little solder and a lot of patience so far is working. Once painted they should look OK. Very strong.C885A2C1-6A0C-4213-B570-8931BD597BA1


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