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Most likely the battery contacts in combination with the foam on the back cover not holding the batteries fully seated into the slots.

Actually, the top suspect is not the battery replacement for the remote shutting off when you set it down, it's the battery compartment.  The fix is foam or some other method of holding the batteries in place.

@Dave Hikel came up with this great little 3D printed bracket to hold the batteries in place, I picked them up at York a few years ago.  These work great!  You don't need foam pressing against the battery cover and potentially breaking the latch, and the bracket is designed to avoid contact with the stock piece of foam in the battery cover.  All in all, a pretty clever design.


Or replacement back covers.


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The new back cover isn't much of a solution unless your old one is missing a latch.  The little battery clamp that Dave Hikel makes works like a champ, when I've put those in my remotes, the problem is history.

Another real plus to Dave's clamp is it doesn't put pressure on the cover latches like extra foam does, it just holds the batteries in place.

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