Happy Father’s Day everybody!  I love being a Dad, and I miss my own father terribly, and I probably always will.  He was never as in to trains as I was, but he was a huge influence and made sure I was able to do lots of cool trains stuff growing up, including a memorable ride at Jim Thorpe.  I don’t have any pictures, but Dad kept an n scale train in his office that he put up on a filing cabinet around a small tree at Christmas time.  Today I am taking the family to a baseball game, another great Dad activity.  Right now the little two are downstairs with me to give Mom a chance to get ready for the day in peace.  

Thanks for everything Dad.  I miss you, but you know that a series of events after your passing made scenes like this possible for me.  


May God Bless us all.


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Ditto, Happy Fathers Day to all. Have a great day with family and friends



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So we did get to the baseball game, and I absolutely didn't plan this, but we took a train ride too!

The Harrisburg Senators play on City Island, and there's 2' gauge RR that runs around a big chunk of the island.  I had heard of this years ago but totally forgot about it.   The kids were much more interested in this than actually watching a boring ol baseball game with Dad.  Sigh,  I guess you get the kids you raise

Anyway, check this out.


May God Bless us all.


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