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Here is wishing all of those on this forum A Safe, Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving to all and your families stay well and don’t eat to much. I am Thankful for all the great folks I have meet here from Mark to GRJ and everyone else in between. THANK YOU FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP and this forum.

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dkdkrd: Thank you for putting the Thanksgiving Blessing on this thread for the OGR staff and all members and citizens who are part of The World's Greatest Hobby to include it in their Thanksgiving prayer as they celebrate this special day with family and friends, be they at home or abroad, including the men and women serving in the armed forces.

A Blessed Healthy Happy Thanksgiving everyone.



I agree with what everyone posted in this thread, despite 2020's woes we all have a lot to be thankful for.

That is except for two things, I was tested Covid 19 positive on Thanksgiving morning and my older dog, Rocco, passed at 15, 1/2 years old last week

That said my temp has been a perfect 97.5 since Thursday afternoon, after a horrible shivering most of Wednesday night. I feel like I have a slight head cold. I walked my other dog, Belle,  a mile and a half today with no signs of shortness of breath.

Still preparing for my Christmas layout and planning on adding 2 reverse loops on the WVRR

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@scale rail posted:

If you need a vacation come here to Maui. One of the safest places in the country. We are open. Out of over 20,000 visiters we have had only 45 testing positive. Folks here had a hard time making a living in the last nine months. No train stores but lots to do. Don

Wish we could ScaleRail.

Mrs. 'Ski and I were scheduled on a Hawaiian hopping cruise in March - cancelled due to Corona - very disappointing, will try again when cruising is safe again.

Not even one train store??

Lionelski, I’m sorry you contacted Covid 19 and hope you get over this quickly. Some folks have very little reaction, others a lot. Your in our prayers. Also, Scale Rail, there is a great hobby shop in Hawaii, not sure which Island you live on, their all nice, however their is a super nice hobby shop. I was their in October 2016 and spent a lot of time in the hobby shop. See the card. Also, it’s a very beautiful part of the World. Happy Railroading Everyone AFA34D38-E7DA-4568-8CB7-53A79D4CE6A88DF3AF2D-DC02-4582-9858-2F2EF61D6812


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