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Hello er'body! I have been regrettably absent from this forum for well over a year now, and it's way past time to get back in the groove. There really hasn't been much noteworthy development on my 10' by 28' Happy Valley Railroad over that period, as my attention and free time were taken other projects and interests. The good news is that the trackwork functions great and I have been running trains from time to time while making SLOW progress on structures and scenery. As a disabled guy I can't reach the corners of the layout, and I knew that someday I'd need to beg or hire help to complete those areas. I'm finally on schedule for a professional layout installer here in Georgia to begin working on the HVRR in February or soon thereafter.

In the meantime I acquired a Legacy PRR E8 and a set of MTH Congressional passenger cars. Love the detailed and illuminated interiors, a good compliment to the Legacy 2-8-4 and heavyweight passenger cars that I've been running for a couple of years. I also installed a classic rotating beacon atop a mountain ridge, complete with a generator shack.

Hopefully within a few months I'll have another update. And until then, I'll do a better job of participating here!



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